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Studio November is an interior and architectural design studio working with clients in Oxfordshire, the Cotswolds, London and Internationally. Its commitment lies in being a customer-centric design studio, driven to provide innovative and sophisticated design solutions for residential and commercial projects alike. Founded by Samin Sahabi and Christopher Cooke, partners in work and life with a combined twenty years of experience, Studio November has an approach rooted in a meticulous focus on detail and a deep comprehension of how people inhabit spaces. 

Creative Director Samin Sahabi
Samin Sahabi
Creative Director
Christopher Cooke
Architectural Director
Architectural Director Christopher Cooke

Samin and Christopher's professional journey commenced during their time studying in London, where their paths, interior architecture and architecture, converged. From the very beginning, they embraced collaborative and effective work practices, laying the foundation for their present approach.  Over the years, their expertise has flourished through collaborations with esteemed design studios, architects, and interior designers across the UK.  They strive to craft a seamless and harmonious experience for their clients that permeates every corner of a home. 

At Studio November we collaborate closely with skilled craftspeople and specialists to craft interiors that seamlessly marry beauty with practical functionality. Effective communication with our clients and suppliers forms the foundation of our work, ensuring the smooth execution of every project. 

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